Tom Wolf's Attack on Life

Updated: Nov 14, 2020

What is human life? From a purely secular point of view, human life is defined by, at its base level, its genetic code. Biologists have shown that once the sperm fertilizes the oocyte a new life, as in a new genetic code, is formed—this is called conception. This individual also, according to Dr. Dianne N. Irving (who refers to Holtzer’s work), genetically directs its own growth.[1] So, this individual organism is classified as, scientifically speaking, a human life. Any objections to this basic fact can be refuted by comparing the new life to another stage of human development or impediment.

If one were to say that this new life cannot feel pain and so it is not a human—then those with congenital analgesia[2] are less than human.

If one were to say that this new life is not conscious or sentient and so it is not a human—then those in a coma are less than human.

If one were to say that this new life does not have the form of a born human and so it is not a human—then those without, for example, legs are less than human.

The point being, the only way to define a human, in the secular sense, is by genetic coding; or else, one will exclude others from the human species because they do not “meet all the marks” of a human.

Why say all this? Because house bill 321 was vetoed on November 21st by Governor Tom Wolf of Pennsylvania. This bill basically says that one cannot abort a fetus because it could have down syndrome.[3] He did this because the bill will, according to him: “interfere with the rights of women to make their own health care decisions.”[4] What a euphemistic way to put it. It has already been shown that a fetus is a human life and therefore a fetus that has or could have down syndrome cannot be seen as less than human—without discriminating against other humans. It could be argued why human life is valuable, but that is not necessary—for it seems to be an axiom (inherent truth) that human life is valuable. So then, how can one say that this new life is any lesser and therefore deserves to die because of its physical/mental state? And yet the Governor did just that by vetoing this bill.

Why would he do this? Could it be that he truly cares about the mother and yet has such ignorance/unawareness of the life within her? Could there be other motives? One could suggest, like Breitbart News did, that the governor was motivated by Planned Parenthood who announced, according to Breitbart News, that “in June 2018 it would be spending $1.5 million to ensure Wolf was re-elected last November.”[5] Maybe he is just a “good” politician and therefore virtue signaled to all of the proponents of abortion by vetoing this bill. In the end, it does not matter, because Governor Tom Wolf made a morally evil decision and therefore, he must be held accountable. Who can hold him accountable? You, the voter.


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